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Donna Crow
You can achieve everything
you want in life if you will just
help enough other people
achieve what they want.

--Zig Zigler
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Enjoy Healing Now!
Enjoy Heaven Now!
Enjoy Your Rights
& Privileges Now!
Enjoy Extyraordinary
Freedom Now!
I have to tell you a compliment.
Seeing you, I am impressed that you practice what you preach and truly
are healthy, strong and emotionally
comfortable with yourself. I have met
so many "health" or "life" coaches that
simply are sick. You are not and you
are genuine. I love that.

Brad Palmer
Founder and President of:
Fountain of Life Healing School,
Licensed Minister,
Natural Health Educator
and Advocate,
EFT Coach (with certificates in
both Basic and Advanced EFT)

Copyright Donna Crow 2013
Enjoy Healing Now! was written after I was suddenly and supernaturally healed by God. I had been ill for 18 long years and people who knew me wanted to know what happened.

I started an internet discussion group where I shared from my heart about the whole process of coming to the place where I could release my faith, connect with God and get the instant miracle I had desired for so many years.

One unique aspect of my journey is that I used EFT, a self applied acuppresure technique to eliminate emotions that I had which conflicted with my faith. The result was that I woke up one day and I had no confict and was able to pray and receive healing.

This is a book filled with Scripture - encouragement and real tools to help you connect with GOD and receive your own miracle.
Enjoy Heaven Now! was such a joy to write. I was writing Enjoy Extraordinary Freedom Now! when I realized I need to write this book, so I did.

James, the brother of Jesus, said,
"Draw near to GOD, and He will draw near to you." When God draws near to us, Heaven draws near to us and it can be quite spectacular. Miracles are common when you connect with Heaven. I make the connection daily, and so can you.

Heaven is real, and we can access Heaven now, we don't have to wait to leave our body. We are seated in Heavenly places right now, and we can take practical steps to connect with our Creator and
Enjoy Heaven Now!

Enjoy Your Rights & Privileges Now! is a book the LORD asked me to write.

Many believers are living beneath their inheritance in Christ because they do not know what belongs to them. They do not know the full extent of what Christ purchased for them when He died in their place and triumphed over all the forces of darkness.

This is a promise book on steroids. Smile. Well, actually, it is a promise book that will stir your heart and fire you up.

If you want to know what you can have in Christ, then this is the book for you. A simple read through will cause your heart to swell and cause your heart to cry out,
Lord, help me to own everything that Jesus bought for me.

Jesus became poor so that we could become rich.
Enjoy Your Rights & Privileges Now will help you to know what those riches are.
Enjoy Extraordinary Freedom Now!

I'm working on this book right now and will get it done as fast as I can.

The question this book asks is,
"How free can we be?", and "What steps can we take to enjoy the extraordinary freedom that belongs to us as believers."

Topics include, Jesus, EFT and the Biology of Soul.
I explain the difference between soul and spirit and how to live from your spirit.

This book will stretch you, inspire you, instruct you, and empower you to be freer than you ever dreamed you could be.
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