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You can achieve everything
you want in life if you will just
help enough other people
achieve what they want.

--Zig Zigler
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I am the Founder and Executive Director of Fountain of Life Healing School.

At Fountain of Life we teach on all aspects of health:
Physical, Emotional,
and Spiritual.
We do not claim to be expert humans, but we have learned
a few tricks along the way, and love to share what we have learned.
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I have to tell you a compliment.
Seeing you, I am impressed that you practice what you preach and truly
are healthy, strong and emotionally
comfortable with yourself. I have met
so many "health" or "life" coaches that
simply are sick. You are not and you
are genuine. I love that.

Brad Palmer
Natural Health Educator
Lymphologist, HHP,
EFT Coach with certificates
in both Basic and Advanced EFT
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